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How to restrict Internet Access

You may have many options to disable a user or computer to access the Internet. Some options can be adopted for many users by creating a group policy or creating a logon script while some of them are for individual user or computer in small/home network.

1. Install Proxy server.
2. Enabling Content Advisor under Internet Option.
3. Assigns a fake Proxy server under Internet Options.
4. Enable Filtering in the router/firewall if you have a one with this feature
5. Setup permission on Explorer.exe and internet Explorer.exe.
6. Assign a blank default gateway or fake default gateway to the computer.
7. Assign a blank DNS (use NetBIOS over TCP/IP for name resolution and IP still works).
8. Setup Group Policy to Restrict Internet Access.
9. If you use an email hosting service, you can password protect access to your email client as well.

Note: You may be able to use Scheduler Task to setup when we want to active the restriction.

More step by step details will be available soon.




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