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Start a Remote Assistance Session from Windows Messenger

Use Remote Assistance via Instant Messaging

To start a Remote Assistance session via Instant Messenger, follow these steps:

  1. Start Windows Messenger by going to Start>All Programs.
  2. After sign in, in your list of contacts, select a person who will offer the assistance. He or she must be online also.
  3. Click Tools, click Ask for Remote Assistance. If you are already exchanging messages in the Conversation window, click the Invite button, point to To Start Remote Assistance, and then click the contact you want to invite.
  4. After your friend accepts the invitation and starts to take control of your computer, you will see a dialog box asking you to confirm permission. Click Yes if you want to continue. Note: Although you relinquish control of your computer temporarily, you retain control over the Remote Assistance session itself. You can end the session immediately by clicking the Stop Control button (or pressing the ESC key).

To offer the remote Assistance via Instant Messenegr, performs the following steps to accept, take control of remote computer:

  1. After receiving the invitation, Click Accept in the instant message.
  2. A dialog box will ask for the password to initiate the Remote Assistance session.
  3. Get the password from the person who asks for the help, type the password and click Yes. When the remote connection is established, the Remote Assistance session will open.

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