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How to configure LDAP on SonicWall  - Step by step with screenshots 


1. login SonicWall.

2. Navigate to Users>Settings.

3. Click Configure LDAP.


4. In the Settings.

• IP address of the IAS or NPS.

• Port number 389.
• Check “Give bind distinguished name”
• Bind distinguished name: admin@mydo,aom.com (a user we created to allow the SonicWALL to read LDAP)

• Enter the password.
• Select LDAP version3 in Protocol version.

• Check TLS (SSL)

 • Check Send LDAP ‘Start TLS’ request.
• Require valid certificate from server: unchecked (we use a self-signed cert)
• Local certificate for TLS: None

5. in the Directory tab and click “Auto-configure." and Apply.

After doing auto-configure make sure “Trees containing user groups:” includes the section of your AD tree that has the users who will be logging in. Once you do that, on the “Test” tab you should be able to test with:
•User: username (Note:AD domain name should not be included in the username because the SonicWALL will search the user contexts that were specified on the Directory tab).
•Password: (their password)

6. Test it.   








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