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How to Manage Dial-in Constraints

How to Restrict RRAS Connections

With Remote Access Policies, you have many options to restrict VPN connections.

1. Open RRAS from Administrative Tools.

2. Explorer the RRAS server. and then Remote Access Policies.

3. Double click on Connections to Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Server.

4. Select Edit Profile.

5. To setup idle timeout for a disconnection session, check Minutes server can remain idle before it is disconnected (Idle-Timeout). The minimum minute is 1 and maximum is 32766.

6. To setup a session timeout, check the Minutes client can be connected (Session Timeout) and assign maximum minutes you want the user can connect to the access server. The connection is disconnected by the access server after the maximum session length.

7. To setup the days of the week and hours of each day that a connection is allowed, check Allow access only on these days and at these times and select a day and time to edit. If the day and time of the connection attempt do not match the configured day and time limits, the connection attempt is rejected. The Routing and Remote Access service does not disconnect active connections that were previously connected at a time when connection attempts were allowed.

8. Other two options are Allow access to this number only and Allow access only through these media.

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