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Enable Shadow Copies (File Version Retention)

With Shadow Copies (also called File Version Retention), you can restore a version of a file that they accidentally deleted or overwrote that was saved to a folder. To enable the Shadow Copies, you can run the Backup Configuration Wizard and choose to enable the retention of file versions on the last page. Or you can complete this task manually using Windows Explorer.

Using the Backup Configuration Wizard

1.       Click Start, and then click Server Management.

2.       In the console tree, click Backup.

3.       In the details pane, click Configure Backup. Follow the instructions to complete the Backup Configuration Wizard. On the Storage Allocation for Deleted Files and E-mail page, ensure that the option to Enable periodic snapshots of users’ shared folders is enabled.

Using Windows Explorer to manually enable shadow copies

1.       Using Windows Explorer, browse to the destination partition (drive letter) where the Users Shared Folders is located.

2.       Right-click the destination partition, and then click Properties.

3.       Click the Shadow Copies tab, and then click Enable.

4.       Click Yes to the message confirming that you want to enable shadow copies.

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