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Microsoft SQL How to


Check for MSDE or SQL server

How to add login user to SQL in trusted domain environment
How to add a new SQL Database  - Step by step with screenshots
How to check Microsoft SQL TCP/IP and Port Settings
How to check the Microsoft SQL version

How to Check for MSDE or SQL Server Version

How to connect to SQL server from Access
How to create a Cleanup task linking to a SQL backup task
How to create SQL Database backup using Maintenance Plan
How to create SQL Cleanup to clean backup files
How to edit an operator using SQL Server Management Studio - Step by step with screenshots 
How to Monitor Memory Usage in Microsoft SQL server
How to restore SQL 2005 database
How to Run SQL Database Backup

How to shrink Database in Microsoft SQL

How to Shrink a File (using SQL Server Management Studio

How to shrink a file using SQL Server Management Studio

How to view or change the recovery model of a SQL database
Why and How to Create SQL Transaction Log backup


How to connect to SQL server from Access


1. Open the pre-set Access.

2. Click File>Connection...



3. In the Data Link Properties, select or type the SQL server name, username, password and database.

4. To make sure it  has a good connecting, click Test Connection.



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