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How to create external DNS in Windows 2008


Q: We have two domains, staff and student. The staff can access the student computers by using IP address. I think we should be able to add a student domain DNS to our windows 2008 DC so that the users can access student computers using hostname instead of IP. I can create a new DNS zone, but I don't know what need to be done next to read student DNS records. I searched in Google but can't find a how to document. Can someone help?



You may use one of the following options to configure name resolution across the staff and student domain:

Option 1: Using DNS forwarder


You can configure the DNS server of the student domain as the DNS forwarder in the staff domain. So when clients in the staff domain sends name query for student domain, the DNS server forwards the query to the DNS server of the student domain.

To add DNS forwarder:

1. Logon the DNS server of the staff domain as admin, open DNS console

2. Right click on the ServerName and click Properties

3. Under the Forwarders tab, click Edit…

4. Type the IP address of the DNS server for student domain, then click OK.

After that, ping FQDN of a host in the student domain from a client in the staff domain to see if it returns the correct IP.

Option 2: Using secondary zone


1. Logon the DNS server of the student domain, open DNS console.

2. Expand Forward Lookup zone, right click on the student domain zone and choose Properties

3. Under the Zone Transfers tab, select Allow zone transfers to any server and click OK

4. Go to the DNS server of the staff domain, open DNS console

5. Right click on Forward Lookup zone, and choose New zone

6. Add a Secondary zone, specify the zone name as the FQND of the student domain

7. At the Master DNS servers page, type the IP address of the DNS server in student domain 17

8. finish the wizard

The student domain zone should appear under Forward Lookup zone.

Then users of the staff domain should be able to resolve FQDN of the student domain.


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