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DFS Replication How to


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How to force DFS to replicate

If you need your DFS to replicate now, type this command in: Repadmin /replicate /force
This is helpful when you first start a DFS replication topology. Before files can be transferred, the replication topology must be replicate through normal AD replication. File transfers happen next. Execute this command to speed things up a bit.
The following example replicates the chicagotech naming context from source-dc01 to dest-dc01:
repadmin /replicate dest-dc01 source-dc01 DC=contoso,DC=net

In Windows 2008, you can use DFS Mangement to force the replication. Open DFS Management and navigate to Replication>Replicated folder. Select Connections tab. Right click on the member you want to replicate and then select Replicate Now.


DFS Replicate Now


in the Replicate Now page, select Overide schedule to start the replication.

DFS Replicate NOw


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