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Does Windows 2000/2003 domain needs WINS

Q1: Is there a definitive list of the services and operations that will no
longer work in Windows 2003 Server if WINS is not installed or configured?

I've heard that My Network browsing will fail, and so will any development
that doesn't use the FQDN to specify servers, especially if those servers
are not in the same AD domain.

A1:    Yes, browsing a segmented network will fail without WINS. The
browser service uses Netbios names and broadcasts. The only practical way for a browse master to find another browse master in a different
segment is through WINS.

I doubt that you will ever see a definitive list. Anything that
requires Netbios names needs WINS. That includes heaps of third party
drivers and apps (like printers and anti-virus software).

A2: I want to add:

837391 - Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server require NetBIOS name
resolution for full functionality:

WINS is still required with both Exchange 2000 and 2003, from TechRepublic -
Downloads - TechRepublic:

I believe clustering requires NetBIOS too.

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