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How to use icacks command

The Icacls.exe utility is included in Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2003 SP2. With Icacls.exe, you can display, modify, backup and restore the permissions and ACLs. Forr more information, type icacls /?.


1. To grant administrators full access to the file:

icacls Path_And_File_Name /GRANT ADMINISTRATORS:F

For example, type icacls C:\mydata\chicagotech.doc /grant administrators:F.

2. To check the permissions on a remote computer,

icacls \\remotepcname\sharedname

For example, icacls \\chicagotech-pc1\mydata

3. To save the ACLs for all files under c:\windows and its subdirectories to AclFile.

icacls c:\windows\* /save AclFile /T


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