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Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 - Step by step with screenshots

Depending on the hardware, the current edition of Windows Vista and the edition of Windows 7 you will install, you may have two options to install Windows 7 on Vista, upgrade in place and custom installation or called clean installation. If you want to keeps your files, settings, and programs from Windows Vista, you may choose upgrade in place. However, if you donít need to keeps your files, settings, and programs from Windows Vista, we recommend to use clean installation for better performance.

To perform an Upgrade installation of Windows 7, please follow these steps:

1. Be sure your computer is running either Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista
2. Turn on the Vista and connect your PC to the Internet so you can get installation updates during the installation process
3. Insert Windows 7 DVD or run the Windows 7 setup from the download location.
4. On the Install Windows page, click Next.

5. Check I accept the license term and click Next.



6. Click Upgrade to start the upgrade process.




7. Continue to follow the instructions to finish installing Windows 7.   


To install the new copy of the Windows 7, click Custom (advanced) or refer to this page: How to Install Windows 7 Step by Step

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