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Overview of Windows Easy Transfer

Windows Easy Transfer provides the process of transferring files and settings from one Windows computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 to another. Using Windows Easy Transfer, you can transfer most files and program settings as shown below:
• Files and folders. Everything within the Documents, Pictures, and Shared Documents folders. Using advanced options, you can select additional files and folders to transfer.
• E‑mail settings, contacts, and messages.
• Program settings. Settings that keep your programs configured as you had them on your old computer. Windows Easy Transfer does not transfer the programs themselves. Some programs might not work on this version of Windows, including security programs, antivirus programs, firewall programs (your new computer should already have a firewall running to help ensure safety during the transfer), and programs with software drivers.
• User accounts and settings. Desktop backgrounds, network connections, screen savers, fonts, Start menu options, taskbar options, folders, specific files, network printers and drives, and accessibility options.
• Internet settings and favorites. Internet connection settings, favorites, and cookies.
• Music. Electronic music files, playlists, and album art.
• Pictures and video. Pictures—which includes any visual file type (for example, .jpg, .bmp, .gif)—and personal videos.

There are several methods you can transfer files and settings.
1) Easy Transfer Cable: An Easy Transfer Cable and a USB port on each computer.
2) Network: A network with both computers connected to it and the ability to access the same network folders or locations.
3) USB flash drive or external hard disk: A USB flash drive (this requires a USB port on each computer) or an external hard disk compatible with both computers.

Note: 1. Windows Easy Transfer can transfers only program settings, not the programs themselves. To use the programs from your old computer, install them on your new computer, and then transfer files and settings for those programs.
2. If you transfer files containing malicious software from your old computer, that software can be transferred to your new computer.

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