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How to Configure VLAN in Cisco, Windows and VMware Environment


Scenario 1: Configure Window NIC to access a VLAN with Cisco command "switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q" and "switchport mode trunk".


With Cisco command "switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q" and "switchport mode trunk" configuration on one of Cisco switch port, you can configure any VLAN you want in Windows network configuration.


To do that, navigate to LAN Properties>Configure>Advance. Select VLAN IP. Then enter the VLAN # 200 in our case. The NIC will connect to VLAN 200.



Whenever you want to change the VLAN, for example VLAN 1, you just need to enter the 1 replacing the 200 and save. The LAN will switch to VLAN 1.

Scenario 2: Configure Cisco switch port "switchport mode access" to access default VLAN. If you want to access VLAN 1, you will configure port using "switchport mode access" command. By default, the LAN will connect to the VLAN 1 and  You don't need to make any cahnges in the LAN settings.


Scenario 3: If you want to restrict  the LAN connect to certain VLAN in a port, you will use "switchport access vlan 800" and "switchport mode access" command (Note: in our example VLAN 800 is SAN). since the port is configured for VLAN 800, you don't need to make any changes in the LAN settings.


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